International Spirit Rescue Specialist

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A strong believer in education, Amy instructs classes in intuitive development, mediumship, and rescue mediumship nationally, and through online resources available throughout the world. Amy’s main focus is in energy healing, attachment removal, rescue mediumship, and home clearing.

Amy's Published Work

Amy is a spiritualist and active member of the Church of Spiritual Life in Derry, New Hampshire for over eighteen years. Her first book, “Toward the Light”, (Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, and Earthbound Ghosts) has gained popularity throughout the spiritual and paranormal communities.  

Check out the CBS DRAMA based on Amy's book, Toward the Light!

Michael Rauch, Jonathan Levin, and Jason Egenberg will be co-executive producers for the adaptation of Amy Major’s famous book, Toward the Light, as a supernatural series featured on CBS. Amy’s unique understanding of the afterlife helps us to understand that ghosts are just like us, facing many of the same problems as we do–not something to fear. Learn more about spirit mediums being “psychologists for the deceased” through this television drama remake based on Amy’s incredible experience!

About Amy Major

Amy Major is a professional rescue medium, healer, teacher and author. As a successful medium and healer for more than twenty-five years, Amy has studied and worked at the New Millennium Psychic Center in New Hampshire, and practiced as the lead medium on the Psychic Ghostbusters Team–conducting many spirit investigations and rescues. Always interested in personal development, Amy has studied under some of the best mediums in the area, as well as at specialized schools focusing on psychic and mediumship abilities. She is considered one of the best up and coming mediums, and is expanding her reach drastically.

Amy's Public Features

Founder of Spirit Rescue Certification Program and Attachment Removal Program

Amy is a regular guest on several popular international spiritual and paranormal radio and television shows. She has made appearances on programs including Late Night City with Pete Price Ghost Chronicles, ZTALKRADIO “The Buzz,” Matrix of Perception, Bridge Between Two Worlds Radio Show, Jim Harold Radio show, WarrenXchange Radio, and many more!

Let's Work Together

The Channel

Amy will channel your spirit guides and angels to help guide and to direct you in your life. Life purpose, challenges, fears, blocks and desires will be explained. Amy will also connect to your higher self to provide answers to your most important life questions.

The Medium

Amy will link in with loved ones in spirit to relay messages from the other side. Amy has over 22 years experience connecting people to family and friends in spirit. Amy will describe how the spirit appears in spirit as well describe intimate details about the spirit for validation. 

The Healer

Amy can read, channel, move, transmute, and reprogram energy for healing purposes. Healing will be performed at a distance through remote sessions. Amy uses spiritual guidance, healers and protectors from the ‘other side’ to help support her in her healing work.

Spirit Rescue

Amy has been a spirit rescue specialist for over 22 years. She helps earthbound spirits move on by helping them in their transition. She works closely with the spirit guides and angels of the earthbound spirits. Amy also clears lower level spirits and entities from people and places. 

For April special reading

April 1st-April 30th
45-minute reading
“All About You”

Many of us ponder these questions throughout our life. “Who am I, why am I here, what am i supposed to do, what did I come to learn”? In this special reading Amy will connect to your higher self and spirit guides to retrieve this information about you. All the information acquired will be to help you on your life’s journey. Information received will be focused on:

-Your aura colors
-Your power animal (totem)
-Your life path number
-Who your main guide is
-What your soul essence is
-The job or skill you wanted to master
-Your biggest lesson to learn
-Soul Mission
-Message from guides

Client Testimonials

See what some clients have to say about the incredible healing spiritual experiences had with Amy Major

Join Others Interested In Rescue Mediumship

Amy has created a Facebook group to share stories and connect to others interested in rescue mediumship. In the group, you can find like-minded people looking to learn more about the spiritual world, as well as monthly specials and events. This is a great place to ask questions and share experiences.

Getting Help

The first stage of getting help is knowing where to start. Amy is happy to discuss options with you regarding your healing. Her psychic abilities cater to healing and life purpose. If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, or confused about your life’s path, Amy will help see you through it.