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A strong believer in education, Amy instructs classes in intuitive development, mediumship, and rescue mediumship nationally, and via online resources available throughout the world. Amy’s main focus is in energy healing, attachment removal, rescue mediumship, and home clearing. It’s easy to sign up. Check out her current available classes below!

Energy Protection

5-week class

April 1st – April 29th 

In this 5-week energy protection course, Amy will teach the fundamentals of how energy interacts with your inner and outer body. Everyone in society today is being influenced by the energy of situations, people, circumstances, social behaviors, and negative thought processes. We all take in energy that isn’t for our highest good, which may influence or change our energy so that it becomes damaging to our mind, body, and spirit.  

Amy will help guide students to better understand the energy center, auric field, and manifested energy projections. Amy will help students strengthen and enhance energy through mindful consciousness of self-protection.  

Students will learn through instruction, practice techniques, and active visualizations.  


Each week we will discuss the five elements of energy self-protection.  

Take advantage of this amazing learning resource today.

Understand More With Amy

Stories of ghosts and hauntings have frightened us since the beginning of time. Until recently, few have dared to contact the deceased and discover the true nature of earthbound spirits and the phenomena they create. Our understanding of the afterlife has evolved, and with it the reality that ghosts are just like us, facing many of the same problems we face every day. Spirit rescue mediums are “psychologists for the deceased,” helping them peacefully transition to the other side.