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Amy specializes in safe and effective spiritual attachment removal from people and places.

The Nature of Spiritual Attachments

Not all spirit attachments are negative. Quite often, those with psychic or medium ability attract spirits to their energy. These spirits may attach to that person for reasons of comfort, care, or resolution. They believe by attaching onto a host, they can receive help to move them into the light. Those spirits or entities who become threatening do so because they are trying to break down the will of the host. Physical fatigue is prevalent as they drain you of your energy.

Aside from fatigue, those suffering from spirit or entity attachments can feel symptoms of anxiety, depression, phobias, behavioral changes, unexplained bruises, nightmares, attacks of excessive energy, hearing voices, visual apparitions, and feelings of being threatened–among other things. Are you experiencing most of these, but can’t explain why? Amy is here to help. If you don’t resonate with these symptoms specifically, but are still in need of spiritual healing or clearing, visit here to learn more about Amy’s other services.

Spirit Attachment Removal

Process for attachment removal:

Amy will link in with the spirit(s) remotely to find out why they are attached. In most cases, Amy will help them move into the light. If they are not ready, she will remove them from the host and bring in a guide for the spirit(s) to follow. In cases of abusive attachments, Amy will forcefully remove the spirit and bring in a spiritual protector to have them taken away. Energy clearing work and healing will be performed after the removal to clear all residual or lower vibration energy. 

Once Amy receives your emailed photo and details of your situation, she will do an evaluation on your energy. The turnaround time for evaluations is determined by the number of cases she is currently working on. Amy tries to respond back within 7 days of the emailed request.  

Once Amy performs the evaluation on your energy, she may reach out for either more information or to instruct you on how to proceed going forward. If Amy decides that an attachment removal is required, she will send you an email with details of the process such as items you will need at home, instructions for your clearing, information on the duration of the clearing process, and any additional information she may need from you.

Attachment clearing duration is a case-by-case basis. Some removals take longer than others. Most people can expect to have the removal take a week, while others may take several weeks.  

Up until the removal is about to be performed, all communication is completed via email due to the protection of Amy’s energy. She works on many cases at a time making the best energy exchange through email. Once Amy is ready to start the clearing, she will set up a time to call you and discuss details.

Amy will connect to you via email throughout the healing process, and ask for daily updates on your energy. Once the process of clearing is complete, she will call you to review with future recommendations on keeping your energy safe.

Some clients will require spiritual counseling or psychological coaching after the attachment removal is completed.  

*If the client does not believe that the attachment is completely gone, prolonged counseling, energy stimulation, and at home meditation techniques will be instructed by Amy.  

Attachment removals are never guaranteed. They rely solely on the will of the client and how much effort they put into the attachment removal.  

*In-person attachment removal sessions can be performed. Travel expenses and fees are paid by the client.  


Please forward your picture to Amy Major here.

Amy will call you at the time of your appointment to discuss the clearing. All clearing and healing will be done off the phone. Amy will email you a report of the clearing within 24 hours after the clearing is completed.

Spirit Rescue Services

*Note, some homes have so much residual energy imprints embedded into the foundations and walls. Depending on the situation, only partial energy clusters are removed. Amy provides energy readings on buildings to let you know the probability of remaining energy clusters.*

Ghost Removal or Spirit Rescue is when you feel that your space is haunted, and you would like the energy of the ghost removed.  Many hauntings are not negative, rather, they are spirits just passing through looking for resolution. Amy Major is a trained rescue medium that helps these ghosts find their way into the light. Spirits or ghosts that do not wish to cross will either stay at the building if those occupying the space are in agreement with this, or forcefully removed from the space if those occupying the space do not want them there. Most forceful removals of ghosts happen when the entity is harassing the residents or creating a negative space. Amy will do her best to keep the energy of the space calm to promote healing not only for the residents, but for the spirits as well.

Remote clearings can be done for any place in the World. Amy can link into the area through a picture.  

All house clearings are remote. Remote investigations at a distance. Click here to get a FREE energy evaluation on your home. 


Please forward your picture to Amy Major here.

Amy will call you at the time of your appointment to discuss the clearing. All clearing and healing will be done off the phone. Amy will email you a report of the clearing within 24 hours after the clearing is completed.

Spiritual Attachment Removal in Practice

Spirit or Entity Attachment removal is a safe practice of energetically removing earthbound spirits from the aura of the host. Amy uses tools such as smudging, crystals, sound vibrations, and energy healing techniques to help loosen the grip of the spirit or entity, while allowing her spiritual team of angels, guides, and warriors to remove the attachments from the physical body. Earthbound spirits will be offered the choice to move into the light for healing or removed to a holding area for guidance from their own guides. Entities will be removed with ease with the help of her spiritual team. Different techniques are used to allow you, the host, to remain calm and safe.

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