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The first stage of getting help is knowing where to start. Amy is happy to discuss options with you regarding your healing and learning. Her psychic abilities cater to healing and life purpose. If you’re feeling stuck, unsure or confused about your life’s path, Amy can assist your communication with your spirit team to help guide you through it.

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Amy offers an incredible experience reaching out to those who have passed on from this life. Through a caring, professional, and experienced channeling Amy can get you in touch with the dearly departed. Whether you’re seeking answers, wish to pass on words unsaid, or simply wish to know where they are and how they’re doing Amy can help.


Are you an aspiring or practicing medium or healer looking to strengthen your connection to your craft? Amy offers specialized spiritual mentorship in a number of areas. Reach out today to learn more about how Amy can help you enhance your abilities.


Amy offers spiritual healing services in chakra clearing, animal ailments, and energy auras. Are you, a sacred pet, or a loved one experiencing mental, emotional, or physical pain? Let Amy be the guide towards overall wellbeing. Sign up today.


Are you or a loved one struggling with a spirit attachment? Whether this spirit is attached to a place or a person, Amy can help. Amy has professional and successful experience clearing spirits in a number of situations for the benefit of both the spirit and the person whom the spirit was impacting. Don’t hesitate to pursue Amy’s services.


Amy is skilled in spiritual readings such as medical intuitive, psychic reading, and channeled messages. Do you feel as though a spirit guide has been sending you messages or trying to contact you? Is a medical issue impacting your life? Let Amy help clear things up for you.


A strong believer in education, Amy instructs classes in intuitive development, mediumship, and rescue mediumship nationally, and via online resources available throughout the world. Amy’s main focus is in energy healing, attachment removal, rescue mediumship, and home clearing. It’s easy to sign up now!

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