Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound Spirits: Misunderstood For Millenia

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What Are Earthbound Spirits?

You’ve heard all of the terms before throughout pop culture and media throughout the ages. Earthbound spirits being referred to as a ghost, demon, poltergeist. There are names for them in every culture in every region of the earth. As with most things that do not fit the mainstream narrative and are not always easily understood, society has generated quite a bit of negativity and fear surrounding this particular subject. To learn more, keep reading! Be sure to also look more into Amy Major and the mediumship services she provides below!

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What Binds Spirits To Earth?

Earthbound spirits are simply spirits that for whatever reason have chosen to form a spirit attachment to earth and the life they lived before their passing. Not every earthbound spirit is a demon, or a dark entity. Some of them are merely spirits that are mournfully unable to accept their death; who may fear going onto the next stage, or who experienced an end so traumatic that they cannot fathom the nature of death and the end of their life. Some have unfinished business, such as wanting to impart a message to a loved one that they did not have a chance to before their death. To learn more about earthbound spirits, keep reading. To book a mediumship session with Amy, click below!

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Rescue Mediumship With Amy

Amy has made it her mission to delve deeper into the realm of rescue mediumship. Over the years she has had a multitude of powerful experiences helping earthbound spirits pass on to the next life. Resolving spiritual attachments is delicate work, requiring a great deal of spiritual attunement and protection of your energy. Amy excels in this field, with her passion for helping the spirits of the dead move on keeping her moving forward. A great deal of earthbound spirits are eager for an opportunity to say their peace and to receive closure for the situation they are in. Rescue mediumship has been called being a “spiritual psychologist,” due to the very tangible presence of counseling strategies to help spirits accept their situation and to move forward in their journey. To learn more, click below!

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Earthbound Spirits vs. Demon; Know The Difference:

There can be a lot of confusion with all of the subtle nuances of the spiritual realm. Labels, although not always the best avenues to take in life, can be important in matters of spiritualism. For instance, it seems in the media that any spirit that remains on earth for too long becomes a demon. A dark monstrosity sent by the “devil,” himself. This is far from the truth. Demons do indeed exist, but even then, the moral implications are pretty well devoid in reality. Demons are simply at times hostile beings that exist at a very low vibrational frequency.; that thrive off of creating those low vibrations in other spiritual and living entities. Just as we do not assign a moral position to scavengers on earth (beasts who live off of death, decay, and overall thrive in entropy) demons simply are what they are: denizens of a lower realm of vibration. While lower vibrational attachments are common in earthbound spirits, they are not necessarily a given. To learn more about protection and identification of demons and other low vibrational entities, click below!

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The Truth Behind Haunting:

A haunting is typically associated with demonic or heavily dark energetic vibrations. Think of some of the big budget blockbusters in recent years: Amityville Horror, The Conjuring series, Insidious, the list goes on. A haunting is simply a spirit attachment formed by an earthbound spirit for whatever reason they consciously or unconsciously have chosen. Hauntings could be an earthbound spirit that has grown accustomed to a specific home or area. Or a spirit trying to make itself known to be heard and helped. Hauntings do not have to have the implications of such dark and dismal reasonings. A lot of haunting are by earthbound spirits who are lost and in pain and are seeking release to the other side. To learn more about hauntings and earthbound spirits, click below to get in touch with Amy Major!

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