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Spiritual Healing with Amy Major

The Soul's True Form

The third-dimensional human and animal experience exists for each soul to expand in wisdom and self-understanding of the individual. When the soul longs to learn more about its true form and divine connection outside the human experience, searching out spiritual guidance and healing is generally the starting point. Amy would love to help you with that.

The true form of a soul is in unity with divine love and light. Though a wonderful teacher, during the process of the physical experience, the soul can forget this divine connection due to the difficulty of managing frequent emotional, mental, and physical distresses.

The alter ego or shadow self that each soul carries can be easily overwhelming. This sensation is often managed through self-destructive behaviors or relationships. As the soul begins to remember who they are through revisiting the divine connection, they can start breaking down those unhealthy old coping patterns. If this resonates with your needs, your beloved pets needs, or the needs of a loved one, it is time to reach out to Amy for healing and guidance. Learn more and book a session below.

Chakra Healing/Clearing

(1 hour session)

An advanced clearing and healing of your energy

When a chakra is weakened or heavy, it can influence what you do, how you feel, and who you want to be. A low frequency can disrupt the rest of the chakra system, creating a domino effect of mental, emotional, and physical imbalance. Do not fret, Amy is here to help.

In this remote energy clearing and healing, Amy will link into your energy through your photo to sense how your energy is doing. She will clear all 7 main chakras with energy clearing techniques, as well as activating and charging them. Amy will then clear all 5 energetic bodies of your mind/body/spirit. These are physical, emotional, mental, karmic, and spiritual. These energetic bodies hold onto past life wounds, emotional conflict, mental disorders, physical aliments, and spiritual blockages. Once all energetic layers are cleared, she will align the chakra system with the new cleared energetic bodies. Lastly, she will cleanse, heal, and shield your auric field.

1 Hour Session


Chakra Energy Healing/Clearing

(30 minute session)

Healing the 7 main chakras

Energy bodies in the soul consist of physical, mental, emotional, karmic and spiritual forms. Comparable to layers of energy, these bodies are the structure through which the soul is created. Just like there are layers in a cake, there are layers in a soul. Each layer is representative of an aspect of the soul created for use in the human experience. All that we do in our human experience reverberates back to each of these energy bodies. Higher frequencies such as love, kindness, and joy keep your energy bodies healthy and strong. Lower frequencies such as hate, anger, sadness, and loss can weaken them. A weakened energetic body effects the mind, body and spirit of the person–leaving them in a false identity of negativity.

In this remote energy clearing and healing, Amy will link into your energy through your photo and sense how your energy is doing. She will clear all 7 main chakras with energy clearing techniques as well as activating and charging them.

30 Minute Session


Animal Healing

(1 hour session)

Energy healing for your pets

Just like us, animals are in need of energy healing as well. Does your dog, cat, or other beloved animal need healing from an ailment or injury? Amy can link into their energy from a picture and send direct energy healing into the wound.

Disclaimer: all animals should be seen by a Vet for initial diagnosis and follow up with Amy for additional healing energy. Amy can also confirm diagnosis if you should have doubts or second thoughts. Animals have souls just like we do. A form of animal communication, Amy can telepathically link into the animal and see how they feel, what they need, and what they want.

1 Hour Session


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Are you aware of your current spiritual state, but in need of healing or clearing? Amy can help. Learn more about those services here.