Interested in Featuring Amy Major?

As founder of the Spirit Rescue Certification Program and Attachment Removal Program, Amy is a regular guest on several popular international spiritual and paranormal radio and television shows. She has made appearances on programs including Late Night City with Pete Price Ghost Chronicles, ZTALKRADIO “The Buzz,” Matrix of Perception, Bridge Between Two Worlds Radio Show, Jim Harold Radio show, WarrenXchange Radio, and many more! You are invited to reach out to learn more about having Amy feature as a guest appearance on your program.

Media With Amy

Check out Amy’s interview where she talks about what she does and how she has developed her skills. Get a better understanding of the spirit world, and how energies travel.

Rescue Medium, Amy Major, educates radio hosts about working with trapped spirits who cannot pass on into the afterlife.

Amy Major has devoted her life to her passion of helping earthbound spirits to cross into the light.

Travel deep down the rabbit hole through Amy’s book and her new spiritual wellness center, Infinite Journey.

Spirit rescue mediums–like Amy–are “psychologists for the deceased,” helping them peacefully transition to the other side.

Learn more about Amy’s book and the process of helping trapped souls crossover.

Amy is a lead Rescue Medium on many spirit investigations and rescues.

Learn about astral projection with Amy Major.

Learn about Earthbound Spirits with Amy.