Past Life Readings with Amy Major

Past Life Readings With Amy Major

Spiritual Medium Experience to Put Your Timeline At Ease

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Hello, friends! I’m offering an awesome deal for the month of September. A past life reading for only $80. This service usually goes for $120, so this is quite an offer! Through this reading I will be able to connect to your timeline and view past lives in order to learn more about your karmic lessons, ties, and illnesses. You would be shocked with just how much our past lives can affect or impact our current one. Energies from traumatic events, lives spent in low vibrational energy and behaviors, and a host of other possibilities can cause a past life to stick with us even in our current incarnations. Allow me to view yours and gain deeper insight into how these past lives are still affecting you today. To book your session, click below!

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Karmic Sickness; A Consequence of Spirit Wounds

A karmic sickness, which is caused by energy left over from another lifetime that is present today to balance or complete karma for an individual, is a manifestation of a past-life wound. When employed as a catalyst for transformation, karmic sickness has the ability to alter a person’s life path for the better. Through self-awareness, I use prior incarnations to assist in generation of context and resolution. Karma can be alleviated just by acknowledging a prior existence through a reading. We improve our evolutionary potential whenever our consciousness expands in this way. You have the choice to live from a higher vibration, to progress in some way, at any time. Opportunities to pick a higher frequency and learn your karmic lessons appear constantly in the current moment. We create problems for ourselves if we choose to resist because we are not progressing as we should be in our soul’s evolution. To learn more and book a session with me, click below!

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The Many Types Of TiesKarmic Lessons and Past Life Healing

Past lives can be found in most Eastern religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, in various forms.  The five different categories are quite fascinating. In past life memory, our soul takes on a new bodily form (ie…you), yet it retains memories of its previous incarnation. There’s something called ‘inherited memory,’ which comes from our parents (especially through the mother.) ‘Cryptomnesia’ is the ability to pick up on collective thought-forms, such as from other people’s memories. While ‘parallel lives’ is the ability to draw through an existence from an alternate universe and imagination, which is merely accessing the subconscious. It truly is awe-inspiring just how able we are to access such information, with a little help of course. To schedule a session to receive some help revisiting your past lives, click below.

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Definition & Signs Of A Karmic Lesson

Karmic lessons, which are frequently offered through relationships or repeating patterns and circumstances, will keep reappearing in our lives until we learn from them. While each karmic lesson is unique, some recurring themes include how you relate to yourself and others, love, self-worth, and letting go. Here are a few signs that you are being taught/ in the midst of a karmic lesson.

1. You keep finding yourself in circumstances that revolve around the same topic.

It’s probably an indication that there’s a lesson to be learned when you continuously find yourself in situations that hit the same buttons or triggers.

2. Red flags and patterns that repeat themselves.

Do you have recurring problems in all of your friendships or love relationships? When we find ourselves in relationships or situations full of red flags and recurrent patterns, whether it’s attracting narcissists or combating your attachment style, it’s frequently a karmic lesson.

3. You’re pushed to confront your issues.

Are you afraid of making a commitment? Is it impossible for you to be alone? Do you fear expressing yourself? The situations and relationships that bring out your deepest fears may include karmic teachings.

4. You feel overly critical.

If you’re avoiding a lesson, you might become too critical of your choices, beliefs, and routines. This is why it’s critical to completely embrace and integrate karmic lessons into your life.

Karmic lessons more often than not are a result of residual energy and past mistakes/refusals to learn and integrate lessons in your past lives. These wounds can cause the recurrence of events that force you to face your lessons so that you can right the mistakes of the past within this life. Allow me to work with you to close and heal these wounds and acknowledge that which came before this life so it can be set free! Allowing you to step into your power and to move forward into a life of peace and prosperity. Click the link below to schedule a session!

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