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Any person in various stages of the spiritual awakening process understands that there are many questions involved. No to worry, Amy is here to help. This curiosity is completely normal, and you are encouraged to dive deeper into these questions to understand on the deepest level.

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Rescue Mediumship

Rescue mediumship is a specialized form of mediumship where mediums connect to earthbound spirits (ghosts) in the effort to help the spirit release any hardships keeping them earthbound. These rescue mediums counsel earthbound spirits and help guide them into the light.

Spirit rescue is the field of paranormal work that specializes in helping clear earthbound spirits from homes or spaces. Once a spirit is removed, energy clearing of the space is conducted to bring it back to a higher state of frequency. Rescue mediums, energy clearing specialists, shamans, exorcists, attachment removal specialists and healers can all work in spirit rescue.

Most earthbound spirits carry a denser vibration, making them seem very heavy. Their presence is direct, requiring your attention. They can be detected easier than spirits in a higher vibration. Earthbound spirits want something from you, like healing, counsel, or your energy. Spirits on the other side want to give you love, comfort, and support. You may also get an intuitive feeling that the earthbound spirit may be hurt, lost, or in need of help.

Ghosts or earthbound spirits try to gain your attention. Moving objects, communicating with you, moving around the house, or sending you threatening energy are all common with a ghost. Negative energy that isn’t a ghost will linger in an area of the house or building and won’t respond to you. It will be a memory energy left behind after an event that feels unpleasant.

Yes, they can attack in an energetic way. This is through energy stimulation of fear, anxiety, anger, or jealousy. They can also attach onto you, leaving you very fatigued. Most earthbound spirits do not wish to harm people around them when the attach to you. Most are looking for a comforting energy to rest with.

Yes, of course. Once you understand that you control your space and do not fear the ghost, you can demand it to leave. This is difficult for most people to do as the negative influence of some earthbound spirits can leave people feeling doubtful of this ability. Fear and anxiety can create an illusion that the spirit has dominance over you.

Yes, travel fees are at the expense of the client plus the clearing costs. Amy does travel to clear home or business around the country.

Psychic Sessions

Amy will link into your energy and find out details about certain questions that you have. Since Amy can read your past, present, and future, it’s best to have a set intention before starting the reading. What information are you looking for? If you have no intention and just want to see what comes through, then Amy will connect to your spirit guides to see what they believe is the most pertinent information to come through at that time.

Amy will read your energy through her psychic abilities by reading energy coming off the client. Connecting to the client’s guides means to connect to the spirit world and channel information from them directly.

Spirit guides are mentors, teachers, healers, family, and friends that help you from the spirit world. Everyone has a main guide that stays with them throughout their whole life. This is the best person to speak to regarding your life purpose, challenges, fears, and desires. They know exactly what you need in order to be happy.

Yes, past lives can be read through a set intention of reading the energy of the past. Amy can follow the timeline of your soul and step into energy of past lives.

Amy likes to keep an open mind about future situations as free -will determines the direct path a person will take. Reading anything beyond a year out may provide opportunity for readings to be inconsistent. Even though certain details in our lives are predestined, we all have choices with alter our timelines. Most of the time Amy will look a year into the future to see the effects of your choices.

Most of the time readings are completed because a client needs a better perspective on a situation. Are they seeing things correctly, and are they making the best choice? Readings should not be a guideline for your life. You, and only you should decide what happens in your life. Never let a psychic tell you everything that will happen in your life. Choices, free-will, and other people’s choices determine your future. Not everything is set in stone.

Healing/Attachment Removal

That’s not always easy to determine. Most of the time, you recognize that something negative is influencing you and no matter what you do to overcome it, it remains. You might not always need an attachment removal, rather a chakra clearing to clear out negative energy from your chakra system. Reach out to Amy Major if you should have uncertainty about the type of clearing to choose.

This type of clearing will clear out any imprints that exist in each chakra. Every time you have something negative happen to you, it leaves a mark or imprint in one of your chakras. Such as, if you experience loss of a family member, you will have a negative imprint in your sacral and heart chakras which are connected to love and family. Overtime, these imprints heal themselves as long as you address the negative feelings or mental thoughts. If you don’t address them and try to forget, it remains in the chakra system, even after you feel you’ve healed through it. A chakra clearing will help eliminate these imprints, restoring the chakra to a strong state of flow. A strong flowing chakra system allows you to be healthy: mind, body, and soul.

A chakra clearing focuses on the removal of energy imprints that are affecting your chakra system. An energy healing focuses on pushing high frequency energy into wounds, ailments, or illnesses, allowing the body to heal faster. Quite often, these services are done at the same time, as illnesses and wounds affect the chakra system.

Yes, but not the same system as humans. Animals are mostly cleared and healed by high frequency clearing and re energizing of their own health and vitality. High frequency pulses are pushed into areas of illness or emotional stress, relieving them of lower frequency energy. This enables the animal’s body and energy to heal itself faster.

Amy can help stimulate the body to repair itself through energy stimulation and intention. High frequency healing energy is transferred into the wound or illness, changing the structural frequency of it. This ‘pushes’ out the energy of the wound, replacing it with healing energy. It’s like reprogramming the body to believe the wound is healed, making the body to have a physical change. Healing can be completed in one session, or they make several depending on the intensity of the wound or illness. Healing is also determined by the cooperation of the body. Clients must make changes in lifestyle to help the body prepare for healing.

Energy flows where intention goes. This means energy is not a solid mass, its flowing like a river. When Amy sets intention of the flow to go to a person, the energy gets transferred to them, and the healing process begins.

No, nothing is ever guaranteed. Amy makes every attempt to change the frequency of the body to aid in the healing process.

Absolutely! Amy does not replace your doctor. Amy works with your regular healing practice as an addition, not a replacement. For those who are seeing a doctor for mental disorders, Amy requires that you disclose your energy work with your doctor, so they are aware of your additional healing.

That depends. For physical wounds or illnesses, Amy will work to send healing energy to help the medical professionals. If the client is in the hospital for mental issues, Amy will refrain from sending any energy or legal reasons.

Yes, as long as the patient receives permission from their doctor for energy healing. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Yes, Amy is a medical intuitive and can step into your energy to see wounds and illnesses of the past and present, as well as look at possible healing choices.

House Clearing Sessions

Yes, all sessions can be done in person or remote. In person sessions require the client to pay for Amy’s travel expenses to be in person.

Yes, anything done in person is stronger. Amy recommends serious cases of attachments or hauntings such as children becoming hurt, or a serious threat to a family, to be in person. All sessions can be performed remotely, though it may take longer.

Amy first does an evaluation of the outside and inside of the property. This determines the next steps. If spirits are found, Amy will make the attempt to aid in their transition. If a spirit is harmful and unwilling to transition, Amy will place the spirit in lock down in the astral world with the help of her spirit team. Once the spirit is removed from the property, Amy will close all spiritual portals and clear all residual energy of the space.

That doesn’t change Amy’s strategy. Amy has techniques to clear entities from properties. Depending on the severity of the haunting, Amy may require additional co-workers to come assist in the removal of the entity.


Yes, please indicate the number of people in the group. The rate of the reading depends on the time, not the number of people. If you have greater than 4 people in your group, then a 2-hour session is recommended.

Not at this time. All readings, healings, and home clearings are remote. This means everything is done at a distance either through phone or video meetings. Home clearings can be done in person at the expense of the client.

No, Amy requires a 24-hour notice before appointments. During busy times, bookings can go out for several weeks. 

Yes, Amy has a network of students and colleges that work in other places in the country. Not all perform the same services, but can be a good substitute in certain circumstances.

No, mentorship is a personalized form of direction and training to you as a student for your individual needs. One on one training is provided to help you accelerate your gifts.

No, the amount of personal one on one sessions is up to the student. Its scheduled just like a reading but focuses on training and enhancement of their psychic or mediumship ability.

Please feel free to send a note to Amy here explaining what you believe you need, and she will direct you to the best option to fit your needs. The best way to determine for yourself is, if you are looking for information, you need a reading. If you are looking to feel better, a healing is needed.

Yes, Amy packages a reading/healing combo. She conducts the reading first, then does a healing on you after. A picture is needed to be sent to Amy for the healing.

Recordings can only be done through Zoom. Phone readings cannot be recorded on Amy’s end. You can try to use a recording device when the phone is on speaker. 

No, only healings come with reports. Healings consists of a 15-minute phone chat before the healing is conducted, then a healing report is emailed to the client. Psychic or mediumship readings do not have reports.


Emails and Zoom links will be sent out two to three days prior to the class start date. Due to the number of students registering the date of emails may be delayed. All students will receive the Zoom link within 24 hours of the first class.

Yes, as long as you have a recording device, you are authorized to record on your end. Amy records all classes and will send the recording out through the class group email.

Yes, all classes have the option of a payment plan. Most classes will have information about a payment plan listed. If the class does not list a payment plan, then just request one through email and Amy will be happy to set one up.

Refunds are not supplied at this time if you need to drop out of a class. Refunds will only be given if you cancel your registration more than 24 hours before the class begins.

No, most classes are development classes, which do not come with certifications. Amy has a list of certificate courses through her spirit rescue school page.

Yes, please request your local psychic or spiritual center to reach out to Amy for in person classes. Amy requires at least 10 students to sign up for in person classes.


Amy can reschedule your appointment if needed. Rescheduled appointments will be scheduled at the next available date. Rescheduling should be done within 24 hours of the appointment. If you miss your appointment or forget, rescheduling is not guaranteed.

Yes, Amy will give a full refund of a cancelled appointment as long as it is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time. Less than 24-hour cancellations do not receive refunds.

No, promotions are for a certain timeframe only. You cannot receive the promotion discount outside this timeframe. Example: you book the appointment in March during a discounted promotion for a service you wish to have in May. The promotion will have dates available for the discount.


Yes, Amy serves as a guest speaker, teacher or medium for live events. Travel and fees are negotiated. Please contact Amy here to send the invitation.

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