Safe Energy Practices: A Spiritual Spring Necessity

Protect your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental energy while out and about after a year of isolation.


With spring all around us and the reemergence of public interactions, it is important to remember practices for protecting your personal energy. An entire year is quite a long time of being around the same people, or being isolated, due to the pandemic lockdown. This unique dynamic we find ourselves in will likely generate somewhat of an energetic culture shock when reentering society. Allow me to help you integrate yourself back in to your pre-covid routine with as little energy damage as possible through thorough protection practices and maintenance techniques.


Isolation Vs. Being Alone

Social isolation is not always a bad thing; in fact, the general population tends to crave some form of isolation on occasion. Things like meditation, self-reflection, and self-love are often practiced through spending quality time with oneself. However, social isolation typically refers to the form of solitude that is unwanted and often unhealthy. There are many circumstances that can lead to unwanted social isolation, such as intimate partner violence, unemployment, or mental health issues–among many others. Over the past year we as human-kind have found ourselves in one of the most unique social isolation situations we may ever know. Understanding how to protect your energetic self when incorporating back in to society will be a crucial practice for success during this time. I am here to help.


The Impact of Isolation

Understanding the potential things that can take place in your subconscious during isolation is a great place to start. Forced social isolation comes with many adjacent consequences. One of the most prominent experiences most people face is emotional detriment during isolation. When someone is lacking emotional interaction and support, it is easy to become numb or detached from ones own feelings. When this detachment takes place, it often becomes increasingly emotionally overwhelming when reentering society.


Where emotional, mental, and physical health are all combined–this emotional numbness often transfers over into a physical coldness from the extensive lack of human to human interaction over such a long period. Much like the emotional overwhelm we discussed, symptoms of physical overwhelm are likely to be experienced: anxiety, heart palpitations, panic attacks, sweating, and more. In addition, mental health detriment is a huge factor of forced isolation, with depression being one of the most well-known symptoms.


Because we as humans are hardwired with intuition, we can sense when someone around us has negative intentions or dense energy that does not serve our highest selves. Negative energy from random sources can easily enter your energy field when you have been forced into isolation for an extended period. This experience results in feelings of depletion, depression, anxiety, obsessive disorders, and other serious health issues.


Energy Protection After Isolation

A few simple ways to protect your energetic self before, during, or after social interaction is to engage in relaxing activities; making time for yourself is one of the best ways to ensure control over your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Things like light exercise, stretching, or going for a walk are easy techniques for simple ways to relax. You could also read a book, listen to calming music, meditate, or write in a journal; these are all ways to release negative or dense energy that does not serve you.


The Law of Attraction

As you may have heard, you attract the energy that you put out to the universe. This metaphysical truth stands strong in the instance of practicing energetic protection. When you maintain a conscious awareness of your thought patterns and processes, you will have an enhanced level of control over your energetic self. When you put forward strong positive thoughts, you welcome positivity in to your life. Keeping your thoughts, desires, and actions aligned with that positive momentum will increase the level of attraction to that positivity–including abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Likewise, when you vibrate negative frequencies, you will open your energy up to energy that will likely attack and drain you. Your vibration is your first level of defense against the energy around you.


Guided Meditation

If you are on the path of creating a balanced, healthy mind and body–you are probably already practicing meditation. If you are not practicing meditation, but looking to generate health and wealth for your body and mind–now is a great time to start. Meditation is a phenomenal way to raise your energy frequency organically, balance your mood, and strengthen your energy’s natural defense against negative vibrations around you. When you practice meditation, you allow yourself to work towards having control over your instinctual response to outward energy, rather than allowing outward energy to control the way your emotional and physical self reacts to negativity.


Crystal Protection

For thousands of years, crystals have been used for several things, such as warding off negativity, bringing good fortune, manifesting health, and generating happiness, wealth, and abundance–among many other uses. The incredible properties within all crystals hold immense power to enhance your protective aura, but there are a few with a higher protective frequency. For example, black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, and citrine are all well-known for their incredible protective elements.


Avoid Energy Suckers

One final technique to maintain your energetic frequency is to maintain a level of awareness in terms of what is happening around you. Your intuition is your guide; your gut will tell you when someone or something is pulling on your energy in a way that does not serve you. Learning to understand and recognize things that feed off your higher vibration will help you to avoid such circumstances. For example, when someone invades your space or when the conversation is one-sided on their behalf. Practice ways to safely and consciously remove yourself from these circumstances. Set boundaries on situations that are knowingly draining, such as parties or business meetings. Set the precedent that you have to leave at “x” time for a prior commitment, even if that commitment is just your well-being. You are more important than any situation or circumstance that drains you. Never forget that.


Practice Energetic Safety Daily

While we are in a specific circumstance being in a mid to post-pandemic society where it is of the utmost importance to protect your energetic self, it is still crucial to ensure you are practicing and maintaining energetic protection on a regular basis. When you leave yourself unprotected and open to influence, you become highly susceptible to negative and dense vibrations. Using these techniques more regularly will bring you closer to full control over your physical, emotional, and mental connections to your energy. If you are feeling uneasy or unsure about your ability to ground in and connect to the protective qualities around you, book a session with me. I would love the opportunity to help clear you of that dense energy, and get you refreshed and ready to take on all that life has to offer you.

But how do I do this? Great question! The answer lies in how long its been since you’ve done an energy clearing on yourself. If you’re more conscious about your own energy and do weekly clearings, than a once a day quick cleanse will do the trick. If you’re just getting used to the idea that you are energy and have never cleared yourself before, than you’re going to need a deeper clearing that gets through the multiple layers of your energy centers. Just like a cake, your energy has layers. A quick clearing won’t clear everything out, but it will help jumpstart you in the right direction of positive energy.

To start with a quick clearing, the first thing you need to do is sense your energy. Go over to a space where you are close to a door or window. Stand with your feet on the ground, hands to your side, and breathe in and out a few times. Stand and think about yourself as energy. How does your energy feel? Where on your body does it feel heavy? This is the area I want you to concentrate on. Now sense, feel or imagine this heavy energy moving out of the spot where it feels the heaviest, and direct the energy flow out.  All you need is a little visualization! Energy flows, where thought goes. Visualize this heavy energy moving out of your body, up through your head. Once it’s out of your body, let it go out the window or door and send it back to the Universe to be used for the highest and best for the Universe. Start to feel lighter and lighter and you continue to visualize this dense energy moving out of your body and out through your head, back to the Universe.

Don’t forget to dust yourself off. Energy could have lingered in your auric field during the clearing, so just imagine clearing your aura off like your dusting a statue.

Smudging or lighting some incense after will help clear any residual energy in your space after the clearing. If you can, open up some windows and allow the sunlight in. This is a great way to lighten the energy in your home.

Now that we’ve eliminated this energy, we should replace it with something nice to help feed into positive energy. Again, all this takes is a quick visualization.  Start by thinking of one thing that makes your heart full of joy. Feel that joy right in the center of your chest. Now spread that feeling of joy throughout your entire body, filling all of you with this high-frequency feeling. This will fill all the gaps, holes or cracks in your energy that the lower energy may have created. Well done! You’ve cleared your own energy. Once you get the hang of the visualization, you can do the clearing and filling of joy all within minutes! Try to make this part of your everyday routine and you won’t have to worry about energy building up over time.